Product guidance, employee training and customer engagement…at footprint we understand the components it takes to execute your in-store service. Our training program effectively and efficiently delivers the right message and support, clearly and precisely. With our proprietary modular training system and certification program, we ensure that all of our trainers are performing and delivering the highest quality information, training and guidance to you, your employees and customers.

Assisted Selling

With technology allowing customers to demand more information about products before they make a purchase; to understand features and to compare products, it is essential to provide solid assisted selling advice and guidance. Providing expertise on-hand and on-site team members to engage with the customer prevents them from leaving the site.  Implementing footprint’s assisted selling program puts the expert in the store to facilitate closing sales and more informed customers to promote return business.

Because our Sales Assistant blends seamlessly into your brand and team of sales associates, we become an extension of your brand and represent you by providing only the highest quality individual for these positions.

Mystery Shopper Training

Working personally with each of our clients to design questionnaires customized for their businesses, we are able to optimize results in our Mystery Training program. We train and oversee all of our product trainers to ensure accessibility in scheduling and managing accounts.  Our state-of-the-art full service web reporting system allows us to provide you real-time results of our visits as well as monitor and follow the progress of the mystery shoppers.

Product Training

Knowledge breeds success. With growing brand competition coupled with product awareness, the need for employee product training has never been higher.  With footprint, a team of seasoned experts and experienced trainers will deliver key information and knowledge to differentiate your product where it matters the most… at the store level directly to your customer.

In-Store Employee Training

Well-trained and highly motivated employees are more likely to be productive and produce high in-store results. With footprint training, we can develop an ongoing, comprehensive training program customized specifically for you to meet your needs and goals.

Making training a priority provides education and empowerment to your retail associates, in turn driving your sales force to outpace the competition. Customers and clients will recognize this kind of investment in the people that represent your brand.

Customer Service Training

Because the success of a retail store depends on the customer’s shopping experience, excellence in customer service is a mainstay to ensure satisfaction.  Implementing a retail customer service-training program promotes alignment and continuity of goals and expectations in the performance of your employees.  At footprint , we can create, customize and perform customer-specific training programs for your team members, staff and employees to assist in growing the profitability and staying power of your brand through customer satisfaction and exceptional shopping experiences.

Customer Engagement

footprint’s Consumer Engagement Service delivers great customer experiences across every channel to enhance your competitive advantage. With the customer engagement service, footprint assesses quality and effectiveness, while providing opportunities for improvement within and across your contact centers and operations.

We understand the operational issues you may face and can help uncover ones you have not yet realized to help you implement the right strategies for success.  Using the footprint customer engagement service, you can increase revenue, increase customer satisfaction, optimize operating efficiency, decrease operating costs, and reduce errors and noncompliance rates with corporate policies and industry mandates.

Retail Intelligence

footprint’s Retail Intelligence programs will uncover opportunities to improve your products and services, correct mistakes, build loyalty, and satisfy customers… all crucial elements to a successful bottom line. No matter your business or industry, we will help you achieve a customized approach to your customer satisfaction strategy.

Retail Intelligence Programs include:

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Customer Intercept Surveys
  • Customer Service Experience
  • Mystery Shopper
  • Competitor Mystery Shopping
  • Competitor Product Presence
  • Merchandising Compliance